Exploring channels and brands


Horror Channel-

The audience in Horror Channel is for 16 and over because the Horror Channel can involve violence, gore, sexual content and swearing, and this would be inappropriate to a younger age.

The Horror Channel has a few ident so the one I watched with my partner had a dark gory colour scheme involving mainly red and black. There was a set of ongoing corridor and the camera moved very fast as if somebody was running with the camera away from something as if in a horror movie.  At the end of the ongoing corridors there was a elevator and when the doors opened the mirror inside smashed and the horror channel logo was shown.

Past the camera films the scary corridors there seems to be eternal darkness at the end of each corridor and you get the feeling off something about to appear or jump out at you on the screen. This all contributes toward the dark, eery, creepy atmosphere you get in the ident.

This ident could be made through drawings, colour, live film , stop motion, Photoshop, Lightroom,McKay models, photographs and music.

The colour scheme used with this ident is dark, mysterious and creepy and dull, the colours are mainly red and and black, red represents blood, murder and killings and black represents death, shadows and nightmares. The textures in the corridor ident make the ident look ancient and abandoned by the living.

The font in this ident just says ‘horror’ and contrasts to the background colour, the background is black and red and the white font contrasts with that. The font is also flat, bold and is made up of curved lines. The font only appears at the end of the ident which shows its one of the most important part the designer of this must have wanted the elevator and mirror to smash.

The artists that use dark colours, scary feelings and an aging atmosphere within their art work are David Culberston, Jason Gamart, Fransico Goya, Caravaggio and Melinel Konya.

Cbeebies –

This idents audience is mainly young children probably from the age of on however it may be younger, the ident is a a very bright and positive and this audience is bringing across a lesson on how yo ride a bike without stabilisers which is directed at young children.

The colour scheme is bright, vibrant, modern, moving, curved lines, not very realistic, there isn’t many distractions you can easily see what the subject of the ident is, it also has childish support and humour within it.

The materials, techniques and processes used in this ident are block colours, Photoshop, drawings, graphics, animation, fun and maybe use clay. The ident has quite a flat look to it however it is 3D maybe this is dew too the block colours and curved bold black outlined drawings.

The colours and textures used are bright, vibrant, block, modern and flat. The font is very bold, moves, jelly type movment, bright yellow, pushing it’s self to the centre of the screen adding humour. The font is bold enough and simple enough for young children to learn to read it.

The styling of the ident is modern, bright, vibrant, bold, childish, adds humour, and sticks with curved lines throughout the ident.





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