Research and Analysis

History Channel Ident-

  • Shadows
  • Warm colour scheme, represent light
  • Similiarity-theme
  • Old and new
  • Relevant to the channel
  • Looking back at the shadows in history
  • History channel is for multiple ages
  • Live film
  • Slowed down
  • Colouring of browns and orange have an old look to them ageing
  • Camera moves
  • Different angles
  • H is old font, bold, solid gold
  • Some indents are obvious
  • Sound is quite inspirational

BBC Channel Ident – 

  • Colourful
  • Rainbow
  • Bright colours in dull grey weather brings joy, this channel will bring happiness
  • Shape of a circle, patterned circle
  • Narrative, little story
  • Circular motion representing the O in BBC One and the world
  • Different camera angles
  • Music is minimal
  • Hypontic sound
  • Baby Mobile
  • Simple
  • Contrasts withe weather cheery music
  • Dripping sound that fits with the rain fall
  • Logo in bold simple white in the middle of the ident at the end

MTV Music Channel –

  • Logo in the centre of the ident
  • Circles repeated
  • Teenage to young adult audience
  • Graphic based
  • Computer generated
  • Simple
  • Everything moved with the music
  • Upbeat music
  • Every beat something moves
  • Block colours only two colours on the screen at a time, limited palette
  • Dark colour scheme


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