Initial Idea Exploration


The channel me and my partner are basing our ident around is the horror channel. The horror channel use dark, dull and mysterious colours and textures. We chose this channel as it’s based around horror, includes sexual content, violence, swearing and gore so it isn’t very appropriate for children any younger than 16 atleast.

My targets for this project is too successfully create a stop animation, learn how to use different apps effectively, also I’d like to tighten my drawing skills and experiment with Lightroom and my photography as I’ve never looked into horror before.

My personal targets are to not cram my work in at the end of the project, to try and avoid being late or missing a day.

The techniques and processes that will be going into my ident are stop motion, filming backward, live film animation, graphics, clay, drawings, make-up.

Material and equipment needed for our ident is clay, drawing equipment, real people, camera, iPad, iPod apps for stop motion, paint and we will be doing this in a corridor.

Sound effects that are being used we are finding a piece of music that fits the theme of the ident and moves with the movement of the person one piece of music we found that fits with the theme is “Tag your it” by “Melanie Martinez” in the first 20 seconds is an idea.

Pat the start of the ident the human shadow figure, slowly and crookedly walks towards the camera. as it walks forward the hands of ghosts etc. start to come out of the side of the walls in the corridor grabbing and scratching at the figure of the women walking. The lights at the top of the corridor will be flashing on and off, this will all last for about 15 seconds as this is the most important part of the ident.

In the middle of the ident the lights still flicker on and off and after two seconds and the shadow figure either just standing or disappearing the final section of the ident comes along which is about 3 seconds long and in this three seconds the figures face is shown however only half of there face us shown with the eyes being shown and then the horror channel logo appearing above that in the centre of the screen just above the head, we will be animating this face or be using mark-up.



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