Task 10-CV

 Stephanie Hughes
Curriculum Vitae

Personal Attributes:
I am reliable, I have good people skills, I enjoy working with other people and am a team player. However, I also enjoy and work effectively on my own. I am self-critical, and organised and expect high standards of myself and others. I can play the guitar both acoustic and electric.

Kendal College
Presently still studying for the first year of the UAL Extended Diploma in Art and Design and working towards an A-level in Photography.
The Lakes School
I achieved 8 GCSEs at grades A-C including a B in English Literature and History, a C in English Language and Maths, and a C in Art/Textiles.
Oak Bank Hotel, Grasmere
I have been working as a waitress since 2013, I work on reception; serve food and drinks to customers. As a result I have excellent customer service skills and time management.
Work Experience
Linen Stop-2014
I gained experience of working with a different range of customers, I experienced setting prices for different materials within the shop and how to create and address people’s bills.
Vietnam Trip 2015-
I went to Vietnam to a Friendship village where we helped disabled children in their classrooms and to teach them fun and new skills/games. We also went to a private secondary school and played with the younger children there teaching them new skills/games from England that they hadn’t played before.
Additional Qualifications
Achieved a qualification in playing the guitar,
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh,
OCR merit in ICT skills.
Interests and Hobbies
Drawing, Reading, Painting, and playing the guitar
Mr B Willis, Creative Arts Centre, Kendal College, Beezon Road, Kendal College Cumbria LA9 6EL





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