Task 5- Evaluation

Self assessment is important dew to career and education as you can see what you need to improve on as an individual and what you are best at as an individual so you can become amazing at what you are good at and improve your skills at what you find more difficult. Having SMART targets and doing SWOTS are useful as then you can analyse all your targets and see if you have done what you maybe at the beginning of the year have achieved or at the end off college if you have achieved them or not or if that target hasn’t been achieved you can then aim to achieve them in the future.

It is important too assess your personal strengths as you can then improve your strengths, and it’s nice to notice your strengths as you can see what your good at and if you know your strengths you can then find your weaknesses and improve them. My strengths are drawing, typography, and tonal drawing. My weaknesses are realistic drawings, paintings, human faces and figures.

It is important to assess personal skills and qualities as you then know what your best skills and qualities are then find away to interpret them into skills and qualities into things you can’t exactly do for example I can play the guitar, I can ski, I can draw and playing the guitar and skiing could all be interpreted into a drawing or into photography.

A SMART target is, specfific, measured, achievable, realistic, time based target and your target has to address all these.

I will track my targets and goals during the year by looking at SMART targets, we are using pro portal and checking with out tutor. I will check my targets and goals when I leave college by maybe writing them down and checking them later or carry on reminding myself what the main goal is I want in maybe my career or university.

I haven’t achieved any goals yet within college which I need to aim to do to improve my work. My short term targets are going to help me towards my long term targets as improving drawing skills and other techniques will hopefully help me find what I want to do in university or in a career.

I haven’t achieved much of my goals yet as most of them are long term however during this year I will aim to achieve towards my drawing, painting and human figure and faces by practicing at home in my spare time.





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