Figures and faces 

Firstly to start drawing our portrait we drew an egg shape lightly, the narrow part of the egg points down as this will become the shape. We then drew a line vertically right through the centre of the egg. This line makes sure that the eyes, nose and mouth are all drawn correctly.

We then drew a horizontal line half way down the egg, this is where the eyes and top off the ears will go.  We then drew another horizontal line between the eye line and the chin this is where the bottom of the nose and ears will go.

Then we drew a third horizontal line a third of the way down from the nose line, this is where the mouth will end up going. We then drew the eyes in the corners of the lines, to ensure the eyes are the correct size you should be able to fit five equal eye widths across the head.

Next we drew the bottom of the nose. The nostrils should rest on the line. Then draw in the mouth with the line dividing the two lips, by measuring a third in from the inside of the corner of the eye and drawing a line vertically on each side.

Draw in the ears and hairline next this can help determine the shape of the face. The ears should be drawn between the eye and nose line. Finally draw the neck by drawing a verticle line from the outer corner of the eye on each side to achieve the correct width.

We experimented with different positions in the human figure and how the body moved with each expression or each moving movement for example jumping or feeling down. With the figures we found out that a man’s structure is averegly more rugged and muscled so when drawing the figure we use squares, circles and rectangles to highlight the rough, muscled shape of their body on the other hand a womens figure has more curved lines to highlight the outlined hourglass body shape of an average woman as they have less muscle and more of a curved petite body shape.

How to draw figures-

How to draw faces-



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