Perpsective- corridor and trees

Corridor Perspective-

I used one-point perspective in this corridor drawing, it’s mainly a a tonal drawing to give it the dark atmosphere that a creepy corridor would have. When I continued to do the creaky wood flooring I noticed that I’d give the whole look a rounded sphere look so I went back through the lines I had drawn before so that the flooring had a flat look to it instead of it being rounded. I was quite happy with my drawing, as I struggled with perspective so even though the corridor wasn’t very realistic I’m happy with the end result. Next time I’d probably try turning the paper the other way and seeing how that would turn out in the end. We drew a corridor as a few of our ideas was a hotel corridor, a corridor in college and a forest with a path down the middle in the end we decided on the hotel corridor after asking what different people found scarier.

Tree perspective-


I again used one-point perspective in my tree landscape drawing. However I didn’t finish this landscape as I didn’t like the look of it from the beginning of the drawing as all the trees are not proportioned out properly so If I was to finish this I’d probably add a few lines above the trees to show how big they should get through size. I started drawing a tree landscape as this was one of the choices we had put towards our ident however we decided to choose the hotel corridor as people that will be viewing it said that would be creepier.



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