With perspective you start with the horizon line, and you can either have the object below the horizon or above the horizon, firstly we did one point perspective where you pick a point on the horizon line and have three likes for landscape which can create the object in my case the rectangle shape. Afterwards we were taught about two point perspective which is where you choose two points on the horizon and draw a line in the below the horizon and then draw three lines from the each point to connect up with the line in the middle of the horizon points, and then you join up all the letters to create an object, I drew a square. I then learnt about a three point perspective which you draw a horizon point and you have two points on the horizon and another point below which is lined up with the line that you draw above the third horizon point and in between the two horizon points on the horizon line you then draw three lines from each point and connect them together. I used a two point perspective too draw a small city landscape however all I have got at the moment is three building blocks.

Perspective drawing from one point-

Perspective drawing from two points-

Perspective drawing from three points-



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