What type of movies are you scared off ?

Ghost movies

Psychological weird ones

Paranormal films, ghost films


Clown movies

Demon ones

What are you scared off visually ?

Bright yellow eyes blurred/semi-visible faces

Spiders, men with long finger nails

Dislocation and people moving really fast towards me

The dark and not seeing-the Unknown

Long creepy corridors with no end

What sounds frighten you ? 

Subtle background music that creates that creates tension

Bassy rumbles

Loud high pitched screaming/ screeching

Screeching screaming-the grudge

Doors creaking open and shut

Creepy children giggles

What scares you on a daily basis ? 

The thought of losing a loved one


People standing/walking close behind me

Death-being alone, losing a loved one

The darkness consuming you

What is the scariest nightmare you have had ? 

I was being chased by a skeleton wrapped in strips of cloth, if had bright yellow eyes too.

Went to an arcade with the family when I was younger, lost them all and thought I found my mum so tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned around she a monster face.

A bush came alive and then it grabbed me and sucked me in.

I was walking up the stairs and felt a presence behind me and after I got to the top of the stairs I looked down and then I saw the thing staring at me watching me.

There was a girl she had a dead body and had blood dripping down from her mouth, there was black blood falling from her eyes and nose and she kept walking towards me I was paralyzed and couldn’t move and before she grabbed me with her hands I woke up.




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