3D Fabrication

Firstly we had to create a hand that would be suitable to bend easily, as this would be our model for when we put the super skulpy over it and create the actual realistic looking hand. Firstly we got aluminium wire and we got the drawing Anna drew of the skeleton we measured everything up with the wire to make sure we got the right length and doubled it in size for each finger. Barry then twisted these to make a stronger more sturdier wire than would snap as easily when you bend it. Barry then got us 5 bic pens we then connected these up with the fingers and labelled where the joints where and labelled them with numbers and letters so after being cut with the saw we knew where each plastic part went. After cutting us the plastic Barry cut us out a palm shaped wooden block to glue the metal parts into.

Firstly we got the hot glue gun and after matching all the plastic parts to the right aluminium wire we glued them together with a 1cm gap for the joints so the fingers could move, we then glued the wire into the palm after all the plastic parts were glued down. We then measured out a wrist and cute 4 pieces of aluminium wire and twisted these together we then used this as the wrist and glued it into place.

Sadly later on the two fingers fell out and the wrist snapped this meant we got the glue gun and glued the fingers and plastic parts down more so here wasn’t a chance of them falling off again and we drilled into the whole where the aluminium was and then we used a thicker aluminium for the wrist and we glued this down into the palm with more glue for safety. Barry then made us a base for it to stand on this included a wooden block and a flat piece of wood he nailed these two together then drilled a whole in the wooden block and we then stuck the aluminium wire where the wrist was into it with the hot glue gun again.

Me and Anna started on sculpting the hand together out of super skulpy, firstly you have to flatten the skulpy out to be able to mould it around the shape or it won’t sculpt very well if you don’t. We firstly started with the palm looking at where the muscles and shape of the palm were, we then looked at the fingers and how they shaped, we made them look very skinny as if they were very much like a skeletons hand with a bit of skin over the top. We then started to form the other half of the hand and we looked at where the muscles were, where the knuckles were, how the skin forms between fingers and how different fingers are shaped then finally Anna created the wrist on the hand. Anna did most of the hand sculpting as she is very good at sculpting and she agreed to take it home and finish it, she also added fake nails into the fingers to give the fingers a better look.


Firstly we cut the fake nails so they had bits missing, of the nail. We then painted the nail different shades of red so it looks as if it has been bleeding. We then get a tool and cut away some of the skulpy to dig holes into the skin we then paint these different shades of red to add depth and make them look deeper than they actually are. We then got black acrylic paint and a sponge and we dabbed the black paint on the sponge around the finger to make it look like frostbite. We then decided to cut into the knuckle on the thumb and create a visual bone, which we then repeat again on the front of the hand we take out nearly the whole piece of skin under the pinky finger to show all the bone. We did this by the skulpy we removed from the wound we then shaped as a bone and then painted it a yellowish white and then slightly splattered it with red paint we then painted around it with different shades of red and black to add depth to the wounds. We then got purple and blue eye shadow and created bruised knuckles, we kept practising with acrylic paint but it didn’t look very realistic and the eye shadow did so we went with the eye shadow.

We then turned the hand around and started on the palm with the palm we created a wound where three pieces of skin were still slightly hanging over the wound which looked very good, we then created a stitching wound where we carved into the hand and made a valley sort of shape with extra skulpy and then we stitched up the thread and painted it which made the thread look hard as if the blood had dried around it. We then accidentally got purple eye shadow on the wrist which we tried to rub off however this made it worse but then we realised it looked a lot like veins so we created that mistake into plump veins which added to the creepy effect the hand gave off.


In the end of finishing our 3D prop we were both happy with the result, we enjoyed making it and it looks realistic and creepy which we both wanted for it. My best part of the hand are the top fingers with the frostbite and cuts and the stitched wound on the palm of the hand. If we had to change anything on the hand I would either make the wrist bigger or make the hand smaller because as we had to make the fingers a 1cm gap between to make room for being able to move the fingers the hand didn’t become a very realistic sized prop.







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