Project proposal

Section 1: Rationale

Within these units, I will include techniques that I have previously used in my other units to show how I have developed my skills through the project so far. An example of the skills I will contribute towards these units are; 3D sculpting with clay; computer software like photoshop and Lightroom; filming software like I motion and different drawing and photography skills.

I am using these skills within this unit to develop some of my skills to a high quality standard. I also used skills that I am comfortable with that I can produce at a high level standard like my photography and Lightroom skills. These skills combined will help me create a final outcome hopefully at a high quality level.

Section 2: Project Concept

For this Unit, I am going to research different horror movies, more specifically movies with dark unsettling corridors. This is too contribute towards the final outcome of our horror ident. We are producing a 3D sculpture of a hand with grotesque features, we are producing this hand to manipulate it’s movement with I motion. I will be taking photographs of my own hand to contribute towards the drawings and development of our sculpture.

Throughout this unit we will use different methods of research to enhance our work. These include film research, artist research, books to improve our drawings and filming skills, we will look at tutorials and videos that show how indents have developed through the years.

We will aim to produce a series of experimental drawings and photographs to help towards ideas and progression within our ident. We will experiment with different medians such as photographs, ink, charcoal and pencil drawings.

Section 3: Evaluation

With this project we will record our progress on WordPress and our sketchbooks. We will update and record our progress continuously on our WordPress blogs. We will show decisions made and how we change our ideas throughout the progress to show our development through these units. With our evaluation we will explain about our original ideas and how these change for the better to accommodate our new ideas that transform our ident for the better.

Proposed research sources and bibliography 

With research we plan to use a variety of different methods to help with our progress and development within these units which will support out ideas and develop them.

We will use the Internet and books for our research, we will benefit from this by looking at different film directors, and how they present horror and fright within their movies.

Me will also use different books to develop our drawing skills and filming skills. This could also inspire us to look at different methods of filming or drawing that could present horror in a different light, which we hadnt thought of before.

Another form of research that we would benefit from would be to form a questionnaire to find what people are more afraid of. We would benefit from this because we could contribute these nightmares woo our ident as we would like our ident to put our viewers at the edge of their seats and scare them.

Throughout this project research we will look at different books and Internet links which have been addressed below in the Harvard format to create a bibliography of the different books and Internet links we used.


Stop motion animation

Film making for dummies

Digital video for dummies

Basics animation:stop motion

Adobe Premier help

Adobe Premier for dummies

Stop motion book

Dynamic Hands, Burne Hogarth

Internet links-!APP2ve3Jnr7yQ6w&!AOHMBRMwMM0CsCE&!AOHMBRMwMM0CsCE&!ALiTkS75M3YZWUU&!ABbEjiD5Dy2hUFI&!AHNaN7ARZUxRypU&!AMioL8bsSPVKUK4&

Movies and trailers-

American Horror Story, murder house, asylum, coven, freak show, hotel

Woman in Black

The Conjuring

The trailer to the grudge

The trailer to The Boy

The trailer to The Forest





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