Camera research

iphone 6 camera-

A bit of information on the technical side of the iphone camera.

We used an iphone 6 camera on our ident, this camera has a 4.7 HD display, the pixels on this camera are a maximum resolution of 1334×750 at 326ppi. The maximum brightness is 500cd/m2 and it has an auto aperture of F2.2 on the front camera which is very good for capturing colour on the photo and capturing very good self portraits with the camera.

Nikon D3000 camera-

With my DSLR camera I used this for my photos I took of the dolls, the young girl and the studio photography. My camera has a lens with 18-55mm on it zoom, which I used variously throughout my photos. I used the auto setting on my photos of the young girl and dolls, however with my studio photography I used the manual setting with the IOS at 200, aperture at F11, Shutter speed at 1/125 per second, I then plugged the camera into the lighting so the flashes were synchronised.






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