Original live film

On our original live film we recorded the young girl walking forward towards the camera, we put a torchlight in the background to add a bit of lighting in the cellar. In the film we used stop motion and the app we used was imotion, we videoed it on an iphone 6 camera.

We were originally going to video our film in a hotel corridor however the width and length of it wasn’t long enough to be able to film in, so we went to the hotel corridor where it was better for our purpose of filming.

We got in our original film a pink look dew to the flash being on the phone so we will have to edit out the pink tint with adobe premiere. We also didn’t use a tripod and the filming became very shaky so we will have to balance this out in editing and we will have learnt that next time we would probably be best using a tripod or a camera and try and make the lighting a bit better.



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