Stop-motion hand

We sculpted this hand with sculpy and before we started filming we used fake blood to make it look as if the hand was actually bleeding. We filmed this with imotion were we used the ghost tool and square grid tool. We also used a green screen in the background to make it better to edit onto the wall in our live film.

We moved the hand around to create a clenching fist look to make it seem as if the hands were trying to reach for the young film in the live film which we will edit in adobe premier. I like how the hand moves and how the blood drips down the hand making it look more realistic also with it moving around we get to see all the wounds and scars and veins we put into the hand. It also has a tim burten style effect as it moves with such an edgy jiggering movement.

Our next step is to edit and multiply the hand, the lighting we used for the green screen wasn’t very good as it left shadows so we will have to edit out the shadows hopefully and make sure black or white doesn’t appear on the ident.



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