Adobe premiere for dummies 

This is the link to the book Adobe Premiere for dummies-!AHNaN7ARZUxRypU&

In this book it contains the information on why this book should be used to help beginners, how to get use to Adobe Premiere and how to navigate easily around it, how to arrange the adobe premier settings so it suits and fits you perfectly, how to introduce yourself to movie making, how to start a movie project, trimming and editing in adobe premier, how to make a movie with the timeline in adobe premier. It also goes into detail about improving and repairing video images, compositing and animating video clips and how to edit special effects to your movie. It also informs us on adding sounds to the movie and ten video tips and secrets about adobe premier for beginners.

This may help us in our project as if we decide to use Adobe Premier in editing our filming we will have a basis on how to use it as we haven’t done filming and editing the filming before so this is all new to us so having a basis for beginners in what to do may help with the editing and help us do editing correctly making our final ident realistic and scary.



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