Basics animation :stop motion 

This is the link to this book:!ALiTkS75M3YZWUU&

In this books contents there is information about what stop motion is, how the illusion of the movement works, how to put and use special effects in a stop motion, what the different stories and themes are that can be used in a stop motion and which are usually more successful. How to create the movement within hands and eyes within the stop motion to make it look realistic. It also gives information on how to help the movement within the stop-motion when the figure is being moved.

I read individual pages within this book and it helped by informing us about the movement of the figures for example our hand we had to use skulpy on the formation of it as clay and other substances wouldn’t have worked asvwell to get it moving and to be able to move it as well we had to use aluminium wire in the fingers and leave a gap between the bic pen slices or it wouldn’t have been able to move with such ease as it did.



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