Image Manipulation

In these image manipulations I did studio photography of different peoples heads in different positions with the white background behind it. I used the video underneath the photos to help me with learning how to do double exposures in photos. After taking the photo I put it into photoshop clicked on channels and clicked on the darkest contrasting image and copied this image. I then made a black silhouette of the face and select this by clicking it and then clicking inverse to select the silhouette and make a layer of it you the layer the images over each other and add a background I then erased what wanted to be erased and left the facial features on and if wanted we can then add another layered and create a background to it to add a bit more detail to the image so it isn’t a plain background.

Below is the set up of what I used on my photoshop work-


1.1 art-

In this image manipulation I put the wall where her facial features where and put it in lightroom and made the facial features darker to contrast with it, I then made the young girl stand where her head is and make it look as if the worst nightmare was placed within someones head. What I dislike about this photo and probably improve is the plain white background I could make an effect to make it not as plain and add more detail within the photo, I could also position the models head better and sort out the nose as I had to draw around the nose in black to make it a full silhouette and sometimes it was difficult with the  brush selection so next time I will make it smaller.

2.3 art-2

In this image manipulation the face was very lighten up so when I took the photo I had to draw around the image again which led to the nose being very misshaped dew to my brush which was to big so next time I will have to make it smaller or change the change, I also wanted to improve the way the model was positioning her head however again I like how the face is on the wall and it contrasts well with the white and black of the facial features and the girl being where here head is as it looks like a nightmare within her head.

3.1 art-

This image manipulation is one of my favorites, this is because from a distance only half of the face can been seen and it looks like he is being possessed by the young girl stuck within his head, I also like how the stairs have replaced the shoulders however next time I might keep the white t-shirt he had on and remove the stairs and then edit the background so it has detail to it.

4.1 art-

This is another of my favourite photos as it gives a feeling of the young girl crawling out of her head like the grudge when the hand comes out of the women head, I also experimented with the background in this photo and I think it turned out successful it adds more depth within the photo and doesn’t make it look as plain as it would with just the white background.



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