American Horror Story

American Horror Story has five different seasons to it, they are called American Horror Story Murder House, American Horror Story Asylum, American Horror Story Coven, American Horror Story Freak Show and finally American Horror Story Hotel.

This is the trailer to American Horror Story Murder House, this season includes ghosts, blood, horror, corridors, cellars and body limbs. This season inspired me dew to the the ghosts, corridors, cellars and body limbs and the way the director composed the scenes is just amazing as it truly does add a fright and a jump at every corner.

This is the trailer for American Horror Story Asylum and in this season is includes, torture, terrifying corridors, amputed limbs, cannibalism, daunting scenes and slamming doors, terrifying giggles and many cliff hangers we were not expecting. This season mainly inspired me with my photos of the little girl and the dolls, it inspired me by making the dolls look as if they were left in an abondanded building and when the girl was in the photos it kind of gives you a feeling of being stuck within the place you died for example with the asylum all of these in history were abandoned but many people died within them after being tortured and if they were ghosts left behind they be trapped within the walls repeating the same memories of what happened to them and who did it to them.

American Horror Story Coven was mainly based around witchcraft and sorcery and torturing people, this wasn’t as inspiring as the other seasons as we were more interested in the traumatizing events that happened to ghosts and how unsettling they where. However at the beginning of the trailer it has a creepy song singing about the house that the witches live in it slightly inspired us with out music as it is very specific and our music in the ident is called ‘come little children’ and sings about the child walking forward and joining her side where they never grow old and when your dead and a ghost its impossible to ever grow old.

American Horror Story freakshow was mainly about clowns and murdering people, I didn’t enjoy this season as much as the others and it didn’t inspire me very much with the contents of it dew to it being about clowns and how they are scary however in our questionnaire we found out some people are scared of clowns and it could have been an idea we could have thought of for our ident to frighten people.

This trailer includes small clips of many different trailer used for American Horror Story Hotel in this season we got our ideas of the hotel corridor and hands coming out of walls and the sounds and music dew to the season of American Horror Story Hotel I found it very inspiring for all the ideas I put forward within our ident and planning, as this season includes hotel corridors, children, creepy laughter, TV fuzz, and the flashing of the lights on and off which happened a few times through the ident also the make up of our model with the ident we got the p[ale complection and back combing her hair from the season as it’s kind of how the artists in American Horror Story presented death within the children nothing to creepy or sinister just a simple pale creepy face.



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