Different trailers research


This is the trailer of the grudge. This is a successful trailer as it is a short video of small events which happen through the movie it doesn’t show very long clips of what the grudge is or what it really looks like to put you on edge instead it shows very fast clips of a disturbingly white face crawling and the women that is being haunted it also shows the young boy which looks slightly supernatural as you can see quick flashes of it in the elevator and the flash of it in the window behind the man. The music is subtle and deliberately changes the tone and composition of it when the haunted disturbing face flashes slightly on screen. This inspired us me with the ident with the music changed the slight change in atmosphere as something bad is going to happen the creepy facial make-up also inspired us with our work and the jagged slow movement as the ghost moves also inspired us as well.  This trailer also gives off a creepy atmosphere due to the realistic features behind it as there is a forest out there called the suicide forest and it’s known to be like the forest in the trailer so the trailer has some realistic features to it.

This is the trailer of the forest, this is a successful trailer as it shows quite a lot of the trauma that will be witnessed within the movie and it explains why they are in the forest and how dangerous it can be. These all contribute towards making this a good movie as the sounds within the trailer intensely change just before and during a traumatic event. Also within the trailer the movement is very Jagger’s and it flashes suddenly from one event to the other, the trailer also has quite a scary dialogue when the main actor shouts ‘you’re not real’ continuously. The trailer is also disturbingly scary dew to the creepy hands which inspired us to use hands within our project and this also gave us our original idea of using a forest for filming however we didn’t know if we would find a forest with a path around and feel safe in the dark filming so we decided to use a corridor.

This trailer helped with our ident, as the young girl we got inspiration from dew to the young boy in this movie and the idea of the doll gave me the idea of my first doll photos as dolls possess a quite creepy feeling. The music in this trailer change when something traumatic is going to happen, this trailer also flashes from one incident to another like the trailer of The Forest this also gave us the idea of just having the possessed on and off the screen moving so you can’t see her actual movement on the camera and you don’t know where she is until she’s moved.



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