The Woman In Black

The director of this movie was James Watkins, the movie is about a young lawyer that where he travels to a village that he finds is being haunted by a ghost who is terrorizing the locals and killing their children in disturbing ways. Throughout the movie the main character tries to help the locals and help the vengeful women behind the murders to try and get her to stop.

This is the beginning of The Women in Black, the beginning is brilliant at being creepy as it doesn’t show the Woman in but it just shows three girls jumping out of a window to their deaths and you then here their mother scream. This is a good beginning to a movie as it just shows the power of this entity that is in the haunting of the movie.

This is the trailer to the movie, we looked at The Women in Black as it contains children and creepy corridors and as we originally wanted in our ident a corridor and a person we decided to look into this movie and see if there were any ideas we could take from it. This movie helped as it had dark lighting the Women in Black is not very frequently on camera however when she is she jumps out at you when you least expect it, the music in the background changes it’s composition when nothing scary is going to happen so you expect it however nothing happens then when you least expect it the women’s there.

These are a few screenshots I took from the movie, these show how with the women dressed in black she blends into the shadows around her, this must have been very thought out as her wearing black doesn’t just show that she is mourning for her son that died it also makes her blend into the shadows making it more difficult for her to be seen when in the movie. The facial make-up gives the women a pale complexion, her eyes are dark and her face is cracked, this gives her a look of death and dis-spare as if she is still feeling the pain continuously of losing her son even when she is dead.

These photos are examples of the dim lighting, low mood atmosphere, very dark shadows, overgrown gardens and a slightly visible black figure that lurks in the shadows.




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