Final Ident

We used Adobe Premier for our ident, it took a lot of editing as we had to edit the size of the hands off the green screen onto our live film, we then manipulated these to change the size and angle of the hands we also edited the movement of the hands so they moved in different directions moved at different times and made sure they faded in and out at different times during the ident.

We also added the music into the background which we cropped and edited to make sure the sounding was right and fitted in when we wanted it too. We also had to edit in the sounds and fade these sounds in and out and crop them and slow them down to make sure they fitted then place them along the ident to what fitted best.

We also made the girl go back and forth within the ident by cropping and pasting images on adobe premier we then added a TV fuzz in between to add a creepy effect to make it look as if the girl was possessed and was making weird supernatural occurences happen.



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