Notes, SWOT, Questionnaire


What different artists will you look into with secondary research ?

I am planning on looking at different designer artists like Zoe Bradley and Isabella de Borchgrave these are all famous design artists which have specialized in headdresses and making paper dresses.

How do you think your project will develop through the developing weeks ? 

There are many different paths my project could take for example I could decide on a different design of what I was originally planning as paper can tear easily and I might realise some designs I wanted aren’t manageable or I may need to strengthen the paper and I would do this by using PVA glue so it wouldn’t have a matte look to it as it would shine dew to the glue. Artists might also inspire as I come across more artists and realise I may want to change a few things to what I have thought of.

Will you be using photography within your work ? If so how and what will it mainly be based on? 

With photography I am hopefully planning to use it however I am hopefully going to use studio photography but I’d like to use photography else where so I can use it to refer to as I enjoy doing photography but I haven’t got a plan on how I am going to interpret this yet. I would hopefully like to use a mixture of a film and digitial photography within my project as I would like to develop my skills when it comes to film photography.

What different materials will you be using in your project ?

I will be looking into using recyclable material mainly newspaper as it will express the importance of recycling in society today and I like the idea of creating an abstract 3D sculpture out of paper.

Where do you plan to go for primary research ? 

I plan to go to art galleries like Victoria and Albert museum and then got Abbort Hall and with college we are planning to go to liverpool to different galleries like the tate in liverpool, and hopefully I will look at dresses and different paintings with dresses within them and maybe look at sculptures because I haven’t decided if I will be creating a dress which is a sculpture or a dress to fit a person to wear.

What do I think could go wrong in the progression of my work and how I would improve from this ?

With using newspaper, I could easily rip tear and find it difficult to position the newspaper dew to the newspaper being so flimsy and easy tearable. I was going to originally using sewing however I may also find this difficult dew to sewing the paper might be very easily tearable so I will probably end up using glue instead. Also with designing these dresses I might find different necklines and hem lines and sleeves which would look better through the development of it and would work better than other dress designs.

What is your overall theme on this project ?

My theme for this project is recycled materials. I will be designing dresses out of recycled materials probably look at newspaper and obtain drawings with different pieces of rubbish and recycled material in my sketchbook.








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