Pinterest research

This is the link to my pinterest account, it should take you straight to my board for my FMP, this board includes dresses made out of recycled materials, how to make origami flowers to help make my dress made out of recycled materials.

In my board it shows a variety of different recycled materials for example dresses made out of newspaper, old film, food wrappers, magazines and maps. My favourite designed dresses are below-


The first dress I love the look of it dew to it having a historical era to it with the shape and design of it. I like how it has a trail like a wedding/historical dress and how it is wearable dew to the model as some dresses made out of paper are usually made as a 3D sculpture and aren’t wearable.

The second photo I like how it’s been sewn together with thick cotton thread, I like the corset look of it however I will have to be careful if I took this idea to make sure the paper doesn’t rip so it would have to be covered in PVA glue probably however this would give it a shine which I would have to test if I want on a dress.

Te third photo is a tutu style dress, I like how the thrills perfectly stand up which I think you would do with threading it with wire or thread to create a circle of paper and then sews these together and sew them to the top half of the dress.

The fourth dress I think has an really pretty composition dew to the fact it has a pink and white tint to it and so does the background which I think merges with the dress and fits it perfectly. I also like the shape of the individual pieces of paper and how it’s been folded and layered on top of each other with creating a really nice effect with the dress. The top half of the dress reminds me off seashells with the folds and shapes overlapped on each other and the bottom half is slightly like a tutu which fits with the pink and white contained with the design and background.

This first image shows how to add colour to origami with pen ink and watercolour as I think this is an interesting way to apply colour within the newspaper flowers instead of them just being plain newspaper and just using newspaper might get very colourless and boring to look to so adding colour brings a bit of life to the origami.

This second image is showing an origami butterfly which interested me as I thought using a mixture of different origami and butterflies to add more detail within the dress so it’s not just flowers and paper.

These two images show how to create different flowers so I could use a range of different flowers to add into my design maybe as the idea of using origami pieces is one idea I have for a dress I may design.







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