Zoe Bradley

I looked into Zoe Bradley dew to her designing many dresses and other 3D sculptures out of paper. Her background is that Bradley originally started her journey sculpting paper in 2005. Her first client was the designer Michiko Kashino and crafting this sculpture for Kashino Bradley soon realised her passion for paper. Her first original paper dress was made by her hand pleating large pieces of paper. This quickly developed into Bradley creating intriguing sculptures in different unexpected materials, Bradley quotes “You need a sensitivity to the paper, a patience, otherwise the creations are ruined and you have to start again!”

Lately Zoe Bradley has started using digital technology like laser cutting to create extremely detailed work. She gets inspired by the nature that surrounds her rural home, to the vibrancy of theatre, couture and architecture. Bradley has worked with Alexander Mcqueen in 1997 who inspired her to push herself father with her ambitions and challenge herself more often.

Bradley uses paper to create 3D sculptures, she designs dresses, headresses, chandeliers and massive flowers and ribbons and much more. I love how she manipulates paper to create a multiple of different sculptures my favourite are her dresses where she manipulates the paper to create flowers and perfect frills which all entwine and fit together to create a perfect flowing dress. Her work has inspired me to think about using origami and maybe laser cutting to create intricate detail within my work.

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