Alexandra Zaharova

My first impression of Zaharovas work is that she creates outfits out of paper and what she creates are wearable pieces however she creates them as sculptures and shows her work by people wearing it. What captures my attention with her work is the abstract, futuristic twist her work has. Her work brings to mind futuristic fashion and what people will be wearing in the future.

Her work is modern, contemporary and abstract. She uses a mixture of different lines in her work which are structural, straight, horizontal, directionaly and landscape. All the lines she uses are straight and the texture to her pieces are probably a mixture of smooth, sharp and bumpy dew to the spikes and bumpy edges she includes in some of her work. She uses monochrome colours only which are the natural colours of the paper so she uses black and white card/paper to create her sculptures.

I think this work consists of a high technical skill because of the smoothness of the sculptures and how it all connects together with smooth edges and works well together. I like her work because it catches your eye with the abstract strange look to it and how it reminds you of the fashion of the future and you can imagine people in the future wearing these type of clothing.

I think her work is effective as it captures your eye very easily and is different to anything I’ve seen before which makes it very effective.


My drawing above is my own interpretation of what I’d design if I did it in Zaharovas style of work.



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