Liverpool trip research

The World Museum

Ou first trip in liverpool will be The World Museum, within this museum I would like visit the Eqyptian culture section of the museum to be able to look into maybe clothing within Ancient Egypt and see if there is anything that could inspire me to create a design for my final piece or maybe ideas that will contribute towards it.

We will be given around an hour in this museum and will be drawing from observation and taking notes of anything that inspires me and maybe do quick observational sketches.

The Walker Art Museum-

The Walker Art Gallery is the second gallery we will visit on our trip to Liverpool, we will have 30 minutes in the museum and I would like to visit the dress part of the museum and maybe look at some historical paintings within this museum whilst I am there I think it would also be nice to see if there are any modern pieces of art that have patterns within their work that might inspire me to create something alike in one of my design drawings. I will again try and take quick notes and observational sketches within the museum.

The Tate Art Gallery-

In the tate art gallery there is an exhibition on about stars aligining and how artists can get inspiration from other artists and how they are alike and they have aligned them up like the stars. I’m intrigued to see whats within this art gallery as I’ve never really been to a modern art gallery before I’m interested to look into the photography pieces they are exihibitiong and hopefully there will be things containg clothing and creases within clothing and recycled material.

This will be our last trip and we have an 1hour and 30 minutes within this art gallery, I will be able to take photographs, notes and drawings within this time hopefully.



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