Katsuya Kamo

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My first impression of Katsuya Kamo is that she creates abtsract headresses out of paper. What captures my attention is the ocntrasting black and white and the origami within the headresses. This work brings to mind nature as her headreses mainly contain obtanical origami.

Within the work Katsuya Kamo has created a multiple different pieces of origami consisting of botanical objects like flowers and veins. The work he creates is abstract, modern and contemporary. I’d say the story behind his work is that he is greatly inspired by obtanical objects like butterflies and flowers and veins and that he enjoys going outside and seeing the nature around him and this is where he gets his inspiration from when he creates these headresses.

The composition of the work is that Kamo creates quite small headreses compared to some artists like Alexander McQueen. The lines used within his work are a mixture of curves, straigh, domineering and structural lines. The colours used within his work and very minimual and he mainly uses black and white however black is very rarely used giving the feeling of purity and cleanliness within his work. The texture of the headresses will probbaly be quite rough as paper is very smooth especially after being bent and folded into different shape and sizes. The function of his work is probably social being created for catwalks and runways.

Using paper to craft such intricate detail within the headress definitely posses a high technical skill especiall as paper is so easily torn and isn’t at all flexible so much time, effort and patience has been put into these headresses which shows easily. I think his work is effective it gives of a sense of purity and cleanliness with the white paper and adds depth within the headress when he used black within his headress however flowers aren’t very clean and pure dew to them living in soil and mud which I think is a lovely contrast within his work.



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