Susan Cutts

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My first impression of Susan Cutts work is that she has quite an eye for ballerinas, and ballerina style costumes, she creates sculptures out of paper that are quite abstract with the creases and folds she decorates her sculptures with however they are very realistic as you can easily distinguish the dresses. What captures my attention is the idea of them being made out of paper, also the tutu pieces are very interesting and the dresses in the exhibition as the dresses have the creases on them as if they were blowing in the wind. This work brings to mind corsets, ballerina costumes and summer dresses.

Susan Cutts is creating dresses out of paper, she creates many pieces involving tutu’s and summer dresses in the style of tutu dresses. i would say her work is abstract dew to the sculptures being crafted out of paper and having a slightly unrealistic look to them. Cutts work is modern and contemporary. I would say the story behind this is that she is inspired by ballet or was involved in ballet, wanted to be involved or is involved in ballet.

Cutts composes her exhibition pieces with dresses usually being hung from the ceiling which I think gives of a sense of the dresses dancing on a invisible person dew to the creases and movement within the dress. Susan Cutss uses quite neutral colours within her work sticking to a small palette of creams and whites within her work. The texture of the scultpures will probably be quite rough and bumpy dew to them being made out of paper. I think the viewers eye is led by the movement of the dress as Susan Cutts has created these dresses as if they are moving on a person or being blown in the wind.

At first you look at the exhibition and see Susan Cutts has created a few sculptures created in the style of dresses when you look closer you realise the detail and how time consuming these dresses must have been especially being made out of paper and how she has captured movement within the dresses and she seems to get a lot of inspiration from ballerinas and their costumes. I would say the work posses a high technical skill again as she has perfectly captured the movement through paper and as paper is easily torn and not very flexible a lot of time and effort has been consumed within this work. I beleive Susan Cutts creates effective pieces of work dew to the abstract, realistic look she has within her work and as she capatures the movement within the dresses as if the wind is blowing or someone is dancing.





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