The Test Shoot Gallery

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My first impression with the Test Shoot Art Gallery is that there work is very abstract and some of their headdresses reminds me of mickey mouse dew to the round shapes used on a few of the headdresses and how the shape of it reminds me of a twisted Disney mickey mouse. The work reminds me of futuristic fashion as it has a robotic feel to it.

In the work different artists contribute towards the Test Shoot Art Gallery and it contains different artists weird and wonderful artists designs. The work is abstract, modern and probably a mixture of historic and contemporary.

In The Test Shoot Art Gallery they use structural, directional, curved, horizontal and straight lines they use a mixture of textures diversing from smooth, curved, rough and sharp within these art pieces.

I like their work as it interests me it captures my eye and it’s something you’d find on a catwalk which I wanted to try and bring across in my dress I also feel as if they bring across a abstract futuristic feel to their work and my aim is to bring across a strange abstract feel within my final outcome but it to also have a elegancy to it like this art work does.

13289010_1137898942916287_1079171972_nMy art work in the test shoot gallerys style I decided to go for a short dress with a big headpiece and quite sharp edges around the courners of the dress which would very quickly stand out I tried to make the colour quite dull but the design of the dress so abstract that you don’t exactly need colour to get it to catch the audiences style. I also created quite a futuristic shoe which are very high to work with the abstract dress.



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