Artist Research Annie Coxey

These are my notes below that I took whilst she was talking about her work-



IMG_2016For my first primary research we spoke to Annie Coxey an artist that works at the factory in her studio, she has an exhibition at The IMG_2017Brewery in Kendal next year in 2017. Annie Coxy went to a university where she created the pieces of art work below, she used mixed media during her time in university and she created pieces of work based on pigs, family history and she did a few pieces of 3D sculptures using IMG_2018different textile based materials.

She has used a range of different themes within her work for IMG_2019example, pigs, nature around her like tree, the communication between herself and her artwork, family history, communications between paintings like her piece on the young men that died in the war.

IMG_2020She uses mixed media within her work for example, fleece, wool, tissue, thread (to sew into her work), calico, canvas and acrylic paint. She mainly uses acrylic paints as she preserves the outcome of the paint and she can bring across moreIMG_2021 of the effect she wants with acrylic paints which she wouldn’t be able to achieve with oil paints and water paints. When it comes to painting on her work she uses a mixture of paper, IMG_2023calico, canvas etc.

Annie Coxey usually makes paintings she doesn’t know what they are going to look like in the end instead she paints and sees what the finished product will look like this also helps when mistakes are made she can develop from IMG_2024these and sometimes get better results dew to making a mistake and it not meaning to happen.

Annie Coxey also  finds she creates a communication with her paintings as she paints them with passion and feelings and as she develops what she is doing and creates mistakes and she sees the beauty or the mistakes she has IMG_2025made through the work however usually when she creates a communication with her work she never really knows what she is painting she just keeps painting and sees what her feelings and emotions create within the work.

Annie Coxey usually wipes her paintings with IMG_2026tissue and she noticed that after the paint dried it left a very pretty pattern on the tissue so she decided to use tissue within her work to bring out the patterns on the tissue and on the paint. IMG_2027Coxey also sews into her work using hand stitched embroidery and sewing machines.

She does observational and from photo drawings, she enjoys doing observational drawings dew to the fact that different feelings are portrayed, the wind may be blowing, you have to think about lines and mark making involved within the work and how she is going to portray the image and you can catch scent of what is around you and noises and the atmosphere around you within theIMG_2028 drawings.

Annie Coxey says what she dislikes within her work is that she sometimes puts too much in her paintings and she then has to decide what she has to remove from her paintings however sometimes this doesn’t work and she has to leave it as it is as with some of her work it is very busy and then there are some which are very plain and IMG_2029simple however I feel that I like her work busy dew to how many times you must look at it continuously to make sure you haven’t missed something within her work.

Annie Coxey also mentions that she prefers to use white frames within her work so nothing distracts away from her paintings as they are IMG_2030quite bright and busy, Annie has also experimented with mixing her paintings and digital however she said she prefers to hand draw and IMG_2031paint things than use the digital way like one of her friends who also has a studio in the factory next to hers.

Artists that Annie Coxey looks at are Eva Hess , she uses latex and textile products to make her work dangle around the room. Coxey also looks into Anselm Kieffer, his work is based in Germany after the World War and how it effected Germany with all the bombing and bankruptcy. Kieffer makes huge canvases and sticks to his canvases daffodils, plastic and other materials to give it a 3D effect. He also creates sculptures and his work is very abstract especially his paintings.

Emily Ball is a portrait artist, she is very capable of creating plain portrait paintings that look exactly like the person however she takes a creative look within her work and she IMG_2037creates abstract portraits. She uses a lot of mark making and also paints landscapes, Emily Ball is a artist and teacher.

IMG_2039Annie Coxey gave us some advice for our FMP and future art work, she said we should collect materials and keep these materials on you no matter how bizarre or unnecessary they may seem they may come in handy one day within a workshop or when something inspires you and you create a piece of work you never imagined to create. Annie also says that drawing from observation is very important dew to the different feelings you get within a studio and outside actually looking at the piece you are drawing. Annie also IMG_2040recommends that you should never be scared of creating mistakes as sometimes mistakes can be your biggest achievments so always push your work to the next level and if it turns out bad you can then learn something new if it turns out amazing again you’ve learnt something positive about your work and how you can develop other pieces of work.

Her website link is-



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