Abbot Hall Museum

I decided to take a trip to Abbot Hall there wasn’t many exhibitions on however I saw some historical paintings with women wearing historical dresses which reminded me of Isabella de Borchgrave and this inspired me to look into the history of dresses for research.

Within these paintings I like the designs of the dress and the colours and patterns used within them.


Within this photo I like the style of the corseted dress with the grey floral patterning dress and the cuffs at the end of the sleeves is a very good idea and I may find in one of my dresses that I will interpret this style into the sleeves as If I look at Isabella de Borchgrave’s work with her historical paper dresses which are painted I could look at both these pieces and take some historical style and add it into the abstract paper dress I am designing. This was painted by Christopher Steele in the year 1926-1802.


Within this painting I love the hem on the dress which seems to be gold and the sleeves on the dress, it’s a simple dress with a bit of gold hemming and a blue ribbon to add detail. In this painting what has inspired me is the sleeves, the hem of the dress and the ribbon around the waist, within a dress I could learn how to create a ribbon out of paper with origami maybe and use this within one of my dress designs and I like the added detail on the hem which I could experiment with within drawings and look into making a simple dress design and experimenting different style sleeves to add detail within the dress. this painting was created by George Romney in around 1734 and 1802.


Within these dresses ribbon has been used around the waist again which I think I will experiment with and the style of the dresses being baggy and drooping down which I could experiment with with the paper and fold the creases to create a kind of tunic style dress. This is another painting by George Romney created around 1734-1802.

Link to Abbot Hall museum is-




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