Alexander McQueen

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My first impression of Alexander McQueens work is that it’s slightly abstract as he draws quite alienated skinny figures unlike many other fashion illustrators. What captures my attention is th detail within his work and the bright colours he uses. I get a mixture of different feelings when you look at McQueens work because some of his work is very sinister and dakr and leaves a forboding feeling behind.

Within the work Alexander McQueen has designed his own fashion illustrations to later on create as catwalk designs. This work brings to mind a mixture of different things like monsters within nightmares, modern tudor, weird and wonderful and jewels.

The work is abstract, contemporary and modern. I think Alexander McQueen got inpsired by by a mixture of different things like horrors which explains the black scary designs. Then I look at the sparkly dresses which are slighlty flowing and these remind me of something from a modern fairytale with the pretty sprakling princess gowns but with a modern interpretation and then you have a few designs which remind me of the tudor gowns but again with a modern interpretation as the design, patterns and frills used within these designs remind of the tudor era.

He uses a mixture of structural, dominant, thin and directionally strong lines within his work to be able to add detail and the outline to his work. He uses a mixture of cold and warm colours within his work however all the colours are very bright and they stand out enough to capture your eye. Your eye is led within his work by a mixture of colours, patterns and rythmn within his work.

The function of his work was to design clothing and then create thee designs to become catwalk designs or simple designs that would be sold within his shops. My perceptions towards his pieces have changed now thinking about the inspiration and stories behind his work shows a new light on his work it makes you think about them more and see more beauty within them.

I would say drawing and creating the intricate detail he has created within his designs isn’t a high technical skill however a lot of time and effort would have gone into this work probably the high technical skill would probbaly be creating the dresses after designing them as Alexander Mcqueen creates very weird and wonderful designs.

Drawing in the style of Alexander McQueen-


This is my design in the style of his work I realised he enjoyed using fur a lot within his work and intreprated this into a dress, I used coloured pencils and pencils. I created this out of mark making mostly. I found it slightly difficult to think about the way the fur would go and I noticed that Alexander McQueen enjoys having quite extravagant headresses/hats with his dresses so I also put a hat in ym design which I’m not entirely sure off as I think I should have a thinner hat however I’m happy with my drawing  enjoy the mark making within my dress and the style of the dress if there was anything I could cange I would probably tighten up the mark making as you can see where it went well and then I started rushing it which I wish I hadn’t done.


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  1. Steph – if you were present during the Annie Coxey presentation it is really important that this is evident on your blog as it was an excellent example of first hand research.



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