Anna Kipper

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My first impression of Anna Kippers work is that she is quite messy with her work she uses watercolours and creates quite a messy style within her work. What captures my attention is the blending colours, the brightness of the colours and the slight abstract tint the work has within it.

Within the work Anna Kipper is creating fashion illustrations which are drawn then painted on top of to add detail and colour. The work is slightly abstract, modern and contemporary.

She uses a mixture of warm and cold colours however the colours are always very bright, the lines involved within this work are mainly structural to create the fashion figure as her work is mainly based with water paint and there aren’t many mark making techniques within her work.

I like the messy style of her work however I also find that neater detailed mark making designs are my preffered taste as with this work however I do love her two dresses created out of blue but I think the other designs have to mcuh colour within the designs and you don’t really know where to look within her work as so much is going on which I dislike I prefer to have quite a small amount going on but a lot of detail within it if I can design it.

Drawing in the style of Anna Kipper-


Within my design I tried to bring across her style the ruffles on the dress went wrong dew to the waterpainting leaking and me having to go over the top of it with acrylic paint and the sides aren’t equal I was struggling with inspiration and was struggling with this design as I didn’t enjoy the artists style but I still wanted to experiment with her style of work, if I could improve anything I would remove the ruffles at the bottom and keep the slim pain dress with the ruffles at the top as I think the simpicity of the red dress is enough as it is.



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