Ariel Mazo


My first impression of her work is that it’s got quite a messy look to it. What captures my attention is the detail within the work and how she adds a messy but very detailed look to her work, the colours also capture my attention for example she uses a mixture of different colours some of her work posses a dark, cold, blue feeling and then her other pieces are warm, bright, light embracing colours which gives you a feeling of being embraced.

Within the work Ariel Mazo has created fashion illustration which can be used for designing clothing, advertising etc. Her work has an abstract tinge to it, it’s modern and contemporary.

The composition of the work is usually in the center of the page except for a few designs which are mainly on left or right side of the page. In one of her designs she separates her work into 9 boxes 3 horizontal and 3 diagonal to create a box of 9 images which create one big image with of a women in a tutu.

The lines used within her work are straight, diagonal, horizontal, structured, curved she uses a mixture of lines to build up the detail within her illustrations. The background pace within her work is usually quite plain as you have a white plain background with the illustration this is probably to make sure nothing takes away the detail from the illustrations shes drawn.

I like Ariel Mazos work I like the messy water colour look she ha and how it has plenty of detail within the work without putting too much and the white plain background and how it gives a sense of cleanliness and purity to the image and how she uses a mixture of different colours within her work with what colours are fitting her mood or the dress she has created.




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