Laura Laine

website link-

My first impression of her work is that she mainly uses blacks and doesnt convey much colour within her work. What captures my attentio within her work is the detail and the extravagant hair within her work she does into a lot of detail within her work and my eyes was firstly caught by the hair then clothing she has drawn.

TRhe work she creates is abstract, modern and contemporary. I find this work veyr dark and dismel and for oclours she mainly uses black and its quite dull and tonal. The lines she uses within her work are structural, dominanerring, thin and strong this is to construcgt the hair and the mark marking detail within her clothing.

I don’t really like her work I find it very dismel and dull, I mainly enjoy the hair she has drawna nd the tone she brings into the hair made out of mark making. I find her work quite boring as it’s the same colour cheme being used continously and you kind of expect what you see when you hear her name when it comes to her designs they ar every much all the same and I think when it comes to her designs I’m more interested in the hair than the actual clothing which I’d prefer to be more excited about the clothing like with Alexander McQueens work.

Drawing in the style of Laura Laine-


Within my design I tried t o experiment with her idea of using black and experimented with the hair which is one of my weaknesses, if I could change anything I would redo the positinf of the hair and the face and try again with the hair as I need to practice and experiment with it, I would also redo the drawing in pencil as I’m stronger with coloured pencil than waterpaints however I like the cape attached to the body suit and the detail at the bottom of the dress and I like the stocking I would to improve this design go over it with maybe a pen and add detail within the top half stocking ad garter to belt to add a floral pattern/swirled pattern to the outfit.




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