Sarah Hankinson

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The first impression of her work is that it has a slight messy style to it with the waterpaints used and how she adds paint spllaters around some of her fashion illustrations. What captures my attention within her work is the birhgt colours and detail within the drawn clothing, I also like the hair she draws as it’s not really realisitic however the lines within the hair show detail and suit the style of clothing she has drawn.

Within the Sarah Hankinsons work she draws fashion illustartion and uses waterpaints to add colour and detail. The work she creates is modern, contemporary work. The composition of the work is its been drawn on white paper probably in the centre.

The work evokes ideas as it inspired me to think of drawing in a different style which I’ve attempted (below) as I’d use acrylic or pencils to create my drawings however she’s used waterpaints. It also inspires you to think about different clothign styles for example looking at a dress she has designed and think what that would look like with a different neckline, maybe a different colour and maybe add some sleeves to the dress with embellsihed patterns on.

She uses a mixture of dominant, thin, diagonal, structural lines to compose her work as with her fashion illustration she doesn’t want to have the human figure standing out more than the clothing he wants it to slightly be equal however she will probably want your eye to be led to the actual clothing she’s drawn first. She uses quite bright colours within her work and depending on which clothing uses a mixture of different cold and warm colours however in some of her work the colours are quite solid and in other the colours have a transarent edge to them.

I don’t think the work possess a very high technical skill as it’s painting and drawing however some of the patterns that are in a lot of detail must have taken some time, practice and skill to complete as waterpaints easily spread. I think her work is very effective as it is clear in showing that she draws ad paints fashion illustration you can easily see what she has created and designed, what colours she used and the patterns involved are clear.

Drawing in Sarah Hankinsons style-


Within this drawing I experimented with her style of work, I used watercolour pencils and drew a modern outfit. I got the inspiration from the shoes from Sarah Hankinson as she drew shoes like this in one of her illustrations, the skirt was inspired by Cara Delvigne and the top I created on my own as I though it went well with the skirt, shoes and red belt. What I like about the drawing is the actual clothing I designed however I am not the best ith waterpaints it’s one of my weaknesses and you can see some of the lines within the drawing where I pressed to hard on the paper, next time I will experiment with just using pencils and I will press down lighter on the page and use probablya 2B pencil to make sure you can hardly see the line if I do press down to hard accidently.



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