Drawing from photos

With Amy we were tasked with creatig 6-8 drawings using a viewfinder on a photo. I created 6 drawings which I then stuck in my black sketchbook to make my presentation of my work look more organised and tidy. We were asked for this task to create mixed media drawings which I did by using a mixture of charcoal, charcoal pencils, pen, acrylic paint, mark making, line drawings using my left hand and right hand and using tonal pencil drawings.

With my three drawings on the left I looked into recyclable material and drawing thi which I drew out of charcoal, pencil and pen. The first image I drew on the left is made out of pencil and charcoal the same drawing drawn on top of one another, I created this drawing with my left hand which wa slightly difficult however I wanted to see what the final outcome would turn out like .

The second drawing I created is created by charcoal and pen on top of one another by layering to different drawings on top of one another, I looked at this as it reminded me of compacting recycled material or rubbish together and that is how I thought of the idea of overlapping the two drawings to experiment and see how it would come out like.

Within my third drawing I created this out of a mixture of pencil charcoal including my browns, blacks, greys and whites and then my other charcoal which includes black and grey tones. I created a rough drawing of recycled material photos which I concentrated on the creases and folds within the photo.

On the right photo I created a blue acrylic paint line drawing by getting the tip of a pencil and dipping it in blue and then drawing what was in the photo getting the lines and exaggerating with them. I don’t know what made me think about using blue acrylic paint in this way, the pencil came to mind because i didn’t have a paint brush and just went with the idea of using paint.

This is one of my favourite drawings out of them all, this is a tonal pencil drawing which I drew by looking at the folds and creases within a wrapper, it took a few hours to accomplish compared to the others before which took about 5-10 minutes to create.

Finally I drew a mark making drawing which is a flower dew to me thinking about using origami I decided to experiment with a flower drawing instead of just looking into recycled material and the folds that they create. I created this drawing out of pen and tried to create the darker tones in the picture by making the mark making more closer together and then for light tones create mark making farther apart, this drawing also took some time to accomplish as well unlike some of the other drawings I created.




One thought on “Drawing from photos”

  1. Steph – you seem to have really gotten going with your blog….well done! We don’t want you getting behind on your work though. Be sure to complete all work set and update your blog and sketchbook ASAP. Following Easter I will be reviewing all students’ progress and I look forward to seeing this work completed. Barry



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