Michael Hampton Figure Drawing

Outlook book link-


This book contains detail on how to successfully draew figures and how to add detail within the drawings this book is very much like the book I looked at called ‘Figure drawing for fashion designer’.

In the content the book shows how to draw a body, including hands, feet, arms, legs, facial features and the different body positions the figures may be in.

Firstly the book explains about the eight different parts of the bosy which include the head, spine, arms, pelvis, rib cage and legs. It shows the body features like legs and arms in cylinder formats and how they move and how to draw them in movement.

Secondly it points out the gravitational line which helps balance the figure drawing out. It explains about the spine changigng shape and how to draw the hands, feet and facial features in intricate detail and also important the symmetry lines and symmetry within the body.

I foudn this book very useful as it went into plenty of detail about how to draw figures and the extra figure and facial features. It also gave clear diagrams along with the description in words to give extra understanding which was also helpful.

My attempt at drawing different figure drawings-




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