Primary research planning

I plan to visit Manchester Art Gallery as they have an exhibtion on called Schiapelli and Thirties Fashion, I though this exhibtion might give me some inspiration to look at different clothing and what was in fashion in different periods and how some of that in trend clothing is actually starting to become in trend now and I could experiment with designing dresses and add to the design what was in fashion in the thirties or other periods.

Elsa Schiapella is the artist that has designed these dresses, she was born in 1890-1973. She is well known for being an artists and fashion designer, she is Italian and the clients she had where people like Marlene Dietrich, Wallis Simpson (Duchess of Windsor). She is one of the most celebrated fashion designers of the twentieth century.

Organisation of trip-

Monday 4th April I will be getting the train from Windermere to Chorley

Wednesday 6th April I will be getting the train from Chorley to Manchester (Victoria)

I will walk from Manchester (Victoria) station to Manchester Art Gallery.

Wednesday 6th April I will be getting the train from Manchester (Victoria) to Windermere

Monday 4th April-

Price:£8.85 or £17.70

Train from Windermere at 12:48

Change at Oxenholme at 13:07 leave at 13:12

Change at Preston at 13:45 leave at 14:07

Get off at Chorley at 14:18

Wednesday 6th April-


Train from Chorley at 12:20

Change at Bolton at 12:34 leave at 12:42

Get off at Manchester (Victoria) at 13:08

Walk from Manchester Victoria Station to Manchester Art Gallery-


Wednesday 6th April-


Train from Manchester (Victoria) at 15:46

Change at Wigan Wallgate at 16:23

Walk to Wigan NorthWestern


Get on train at Wigan North Western at 16:38

Change at Oxenholme at 17:21 leave at 17:33

Arrive into Windermere at 17:52


I will take on my trip my sketchbook, pencils, pen and camera to note everything that inspires me and then to be able to use them notes and reflect back at them when I come to write what I saw at Manchester on my art blog for my primary research trip.


To Journalise my research I will take photographs, notes and do quick sketch drawings of what inspired me within the Art Gallery.






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