The Tate Museum

We visited the tate museum in Liverpool, I didn’t find many inspiring artists within the Tate Museum so I looked at a few sculptures involving recycled material and clothing.

This piece of art work was created by Micheangelo Pistoletto, he was born in 1933. This sculpture is called Venus of the Rags it has been created out of marble and textiles. Pistoletto enjoys creating mixtures of historical and modern compositions, this work is based on the historical figure the roman goddess Venus and the modern second hand clothing which appears in front of her. I looked at this piece of art dew to the clothing being second hand and it being a sculpture as I’m thinking of creating my dress into a sculpture or into an actual dress and as I’m looking into recycled material the second hand recycled clothing fit well into my project. Within this piece of artwork I like the marble statue as I enjoy looking into the Roman and Greek Gods and found this interesting, I like the comparison between historical figures and modernised culture with the modernised clothing.I also like the creases involved in the clothing within my drawing I’ve been looking at the creases within newspaper and this creased material would be quite interesting in a drawing.


Simon Starling is the artist behind this sculpture, he was born in 1967 and he created ths sculpture in 2003 its called the five-man pedersen. It has been structured out of metal bicycle, steel bar,nylon straps, aluminium buckles, steel brake wires, plastic tubes and rubber padding. This artist has used recycled materials to form this bike structure which is why I’ve looked into it and found it quite inspiring as the artist has collected different pieces of recycled metals, rubber, bike parts, bottles etc. he then had to put these pieces together and create a five person bicycle which I found rather inspiring as the effort, time, concentration and patience that must have gone into this piece of art. It has been remade out of vintage bicycle parts and is based on the famous Dursley-Pedersen bicycle built at the end of the ninteenth century by the Danish inventor Mikael Pedersen.

my observational drawings in the art gallery-




One thought on “The Tate Museum”

  1. When visiting galleries and exhibitions – remember that the artwork you are inspired by doesnt have to be theme related. You could be inspired by the colour, materials, texture, way it is presented………



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