The World Museum

We also visited the world museum and when we went many of the exhibitions were being redone and not many exhibitions were on, I did want to see the Egyptian exhibition and see if there was an pieces of clothing in there which could inspire me however it was closed.

Firstly I came across these butterflies which made me think of the origami butterflies I’ve been thinking about using within my work. So I looked at these for primary research to be able to have pictures of butterflies I can look at and draw from within my work and be able to look at the different shapes and colours and show this in my drawing and within the origami I will practice with.



Sir Charles Bell from 1870-1945, spent 20 years of his working life in the Himalayan region, he studied the Tibetan culture and language and collected a large collection of different objects from their culture which he studied and recorded.

Many of the objects he collected were either formal or personal gifts. They show how he made great and close friends with the Tibetans and the 13th Dalai Lama within his travels whilst researching and recording.

This is one of Sir Charles Bells findings it is a Chinese robe, it was worn around about the late 19th to 20th century the Tibetan authorities had to pay a fine for attacking a monk.

I like this design I find it colourful, the detail on it is beautiful and it has plenty of detail and I find it very intriguing as the patterns and detail within it seem to show a story with the sea and the dragons and the chinese writing on the robe.


This is a mans robe choga, it has come from North India, with this clothing the Mughal clothing styles disappeared and were replaced by loose kind of coats called chogas. It has been created of Pashmina wool which comes from the Tibetan mountain goat, and is particularly assosciated with Kashmir shawls.

The colours used within this design is quite dismel and dark and very plain which I dislike I’d prefer to have seen a more colourful and bright and more detailed choga.


This mans robe is made of Kashmiri pashmia with woven Paisley designs, It was created in the 19th century in a textile mill in Paisley, Scotland produced a shawl using an Indian design on it.

This work again is very dull it has more colour than the other robe and more detail within it however it could have a bit more colour to brighten up the robe and maybe make the detail and pattern stand out more and capture your eye.



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