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I visited Manchester Art Gallery, I saw The Modern Japanese Design as the Schiapelli thirties fashion was at a different Art Gallery which I found out about when I arrived and sadly that Art Gallery wasn’t open when I went on the Wednesday so instead of seeing the exhibition I expected I came across a different art gallery which was as interesting and as inspiring as the other art gallery came across as.



This dress is created out of red polyester, it was designed by Yuki and is a evening dress created in 1986. This dress was also created in blue and was bought by the Princess of Wales  for her visit to Japan in 1986.

This dress is very simple and seductive, the little bead adds detail within the simple dress and the red colours brings a seductive feel to the dress and the design of the dress reminds me of a Grecian style dress with the crease on the arms and how they droop around and create a circle. I also like how the top half of the dress is quite baggy and is bunched together by the red beaded belt which below that drops but it will slightly stick to your skin but not enough to reveal your figure under the clothing.

This Jacket was created by Issey Miyake, it is Les Smoking Jacket created about 1980-1990, IMG_3032it is created out of Black pleated Polyester and was purchased in 2014.

I like the abstract kind of look this jacket gives of with the big round sleeves which I like as it goes from the round sleeves to being tight around the wrists. It looks like it has quite a bumpy texture dew to the lines created on the polyester jacket. The buttons on the jacket and how it en-lines it reminds me of a modernised navy jacket.


This is a jacket created by Comme des Garcons, it is created out of black polyester and then wadded and quilted. This jacket is a par of the inside out collection. It was purchased in 2015 and was designed in 2010.

With this jacket at first I didn’t realise it was a jacket dew to all the curves and how it resembled a light shade but when I realised that it was a jacket I noticed the lines within the design and how the artist used curved, horizontal, diagonal, dominant and thin lines to construct this pieces and the moevement within the jacket is interesting as it moves with each curve as it goes in and out. The texture of this jacket will probably be quite soft dew to it being quilted and the black polyester used will also be probably smooth and soft dew to it being wadded.

This dress was created by Issey Miyake, it is a Futon-dress and was created around about 1990-2000. It is a silver polyester dress which has been quilted and padded. The dress was purchased by a buyer in 2015.

Yuki is the designer behind this seductive evening dress, which has been created out of red polyester in the year 1976.

With IMG_3037this dress he has created a red seductive evening dress with a dramatic cut which disguises the figure underneath it and again reminds me of Grecian dresses as the dramatic cut is something the Ancient Greeks would have in their clothing. I also noticed that the red polyester is very simple however with the dramatic cut within the dress it makes the dress less simple but it still has this simplicity to it which I think works really well as too much detail within the dress would have probably overloaded the dress and it’s dramatic cut.

IMG_3038Yuki has created another evening dress which was created around about 1975-1980. It is a black polyester dress with a white jersey underneath it. It was purchased in 2014.

This dress has a black pleated dress on and underneath that is a white jersey. The black pleated dress and the v-neck make the dress look very elegant and feminine. The white jersey has been placed underneath for the sleeves and it adds a bit more detail within the dress so it’s not so simple.


Comme des Garcons created a catwalk dress in 2011, it has been created out of black and white cotton and was included in the white collection. This dress was purchased in 2015. It has a simple work uniform look at the front of the dress and then when you look at the back you notice the black and the checkered pattern and how this drapes behind which adds detail and something more interesting to look at than the white work uniform.

IMG_3043 (1)

Comme des Garcons also created this catwalk dress in 2013, it was created out of black cotton and wool, with scarlet velvet. This catwalk dress was involved in the crushed collection. It was purchased in 2015.

I found the cushioned texture to it quite interesting, it’s quite a abstract dress with the cushioned, rumpled material which reminds me of a patch quilt.



IMG_3044Comme des Garcons is the artist for this pleated dress as well. The dress was created in 2006 and is created out of tartan cotton and was followed to be purchased in 2014.

This dress I’m not into the tartan cotton however with the design of the dress it works quite well and how he used a mixture of two different tartan cotton materials at the top of the dress adds detail within the dress. I like the pleated look of the dress at the skirt of the dress and then at the top of the skirt it’s quite interesting how the material has been frayed upwards before getting to the top half of the dress.

Comme des Garcons has created a jacket and skirt in 2003, it has been created out of grey IMG_3047and brown cotton and was followed to be purchased in 2014.

This dress reminds me of a dress from the victorian era or maids with the colours and the wrinkled skirt of the dress and the dark unsettling colours also give the idea of maids or lower classes clothing.






Comme des Garcons created a jacket and contrasting skirt in 1998, it has been created out of cream and brown wool with cream and brown cotton.

The jacket again reminds me of a jacket that would be worn in the victorian era as they wore jackets like this over their dresses to keep them warm or for detail.  The skirt is quite a simple skirt which works with the detailed skirt and together it composes a nice outfit that fits together as there isn’t too much detail but it’s is not so simple that you have nothing to look at.

Yuki created a evening dress around about 1974-1976. It is a pleated floral rayon, which IMG_3051was purchased in 2013.

I like this dress as I love the floral pattern and then the pleated dress I would easily wear this on a daily basis I love the pleated look as the floral pattern is quite dark and is repetitive so the pleated look to the dress adds more detail to the dress, especially as the dress design is quite a simple design. The colours used within this dress are quite cold and dark colours like, browns, greys and blacks.

IMG_3053Yohji Yamamoto is the designer behind this cocktail dress, it was created within the years 2006-2007 and is a bronze rayon with nylon.

This dress has a very simple design to the dress, it simple drops from the shoulders to the ankles and doesn’t have much detail within it. It reminds me of the dresses they worn in around the years 1800, with the plain dresses and the neckline and then they’d add a lot of jewelry to add detail within the dress.

Comme des Garcons is the artist that created this dress, the dress is to be worn for a IMG_3055wedding and was designed and created in 1984. It has been created out of ivory cotton and polyester.

This dress reminds me of a dressing gown instead of something you’d wear for a wedding. The material used looks very light and soft and smooth and I like the simplicity of the design.

IMG_3057Issey Miyake is the artist that designed this evening dress. She designed this around about the years 2000 to 2001. It has been created out of black polyester.

This dress reminds me of a jellyfish slightly with the twirly pieces of material coming out of the sleeves. It has a high v-neckline which I like on the dress and it sticks to the body at the top half of the dress and then flows down afterwards to reach the ankles.

The designer of this dress is Yuki, it is a Kraftan dress created in the years 1970-1973 andIMG_3059 has been designed out of printed floral silk and was followed by being purchased in 2015.

This dress really does remind me of Japan and I think the designer of this outfit has reflected on the Japanese culture within his design. The floral pattern reminds me of the traditional Japanese outfits with the detail and then the design of the dress also reminds me of a traditional Japanese outfit. However I dislike the use of greens on the dress and then having red material underneath the dress I don’t like these contrasting colours together.


Yuki has also created this evening dress, it was created in 1976, it has been created out of ivory polyester and was purchased in 2013.

This dress again reminds me of a Grecian style dress dew to the style of it and the light material used, it doesn’t hug the figure and the material collects together above one shoulder.


Issey Miyake is the artist that has created this wacky looking design, it was created in theIMG_3066 years 1995-2000. It has been created with turquoise and orange cotton and then purchased in 2013.

I like how this dress reminds me of cotton candy and sweets, because of the colourful, bright colours used within the dress and the striped material reminds me of red and white stripped lollies.

IMG_3069Issey Miyake also designed the tunic in 1991, it is grey and black and has been created out of polyester. It was purchased by a buyer in 2012.

I really like this tunic I like the sharp pleats at the bottom of the tunic, the abstract shaped neckline and the baggy sleeves on the tunic as it works well with the sharp pleats I think.


Observational drawings from the gallery-






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  1. Just a quick reminder; please ensure that you have completed your Artist/Designer interview and your Museum, Exhibition, place or Gallery visit, over the Easter break. The research needs to be presented in your blog/sketchbook. On your return to college you will be peer assessed and smart targets will be given, you will also have a one to one to check your progress work through the set tasks.

    Enjoy the rest of the Easter break.


    1. I am really struggling with finding someone to email as I’ve downloaded an app to help me which I can’t work and I’m struggling finding someone to interview within the fashion industry



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