I’ve contacted ALexandra Collette at

Alexandra Collette is a accessory designer she designs and creates her own handbags and she creates extraordinary pieces.

Her website below-


I also emailed MySiststersWardrobe at

MySistersWardrobe put clothing pieces together and publish it and I contacted these dew to them finding different pieces of clothing and putting it together and I thought this could help me with thinking about what should be designed in my dresses dew to the idea of thinking about what was in fashion, what is in fashion and what will probably be the next trend and how to put this together and create a dress.

Their website is below-


I have also got into contact with my father’s friend his daughter is a fashion designer and worked for Angela Wang. After choosing what questions I want to ask I will have to email my fathers friend and he will organise a facetime with his daughter who is working in new york at the moment.


On Wednesday 2oth April, I have a interview (in person) with Ian Wood he is originated in Kendal as this is where his studio is. I will be meeting him for an hour to answer some questions and when I go I may be able to organise a work experience day with him as well for him to help me with my photography techniques.



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