Self-Assessment reflect/progress

What research sources (internet,books,trips,location work…) have you identified so far and how successful have these been ?

For my research sources I have used a mixture of internet websites. art gallery trips and looked at different books. The internet websites I have looked into have helped with finding new artists and finding more information within the artist’s background. The books I have used have mainly been used to give me information on different ways of drawing fashion figures which has been helpful and drawing clothing on the body these have been helpful as I can then practice with these different drawing skills the books have informed me about and develop and progress in my drawings. My art gallery trips have given me ideas and inspiration in different designing ideas for example different patterns and colours I wouldn’t have originally thought about using and the actual designs of dresses like I’ve noticed with in art gallery trips I like the look of v-necklines which have been used, I like a mixture of long and short dresses and tutus especially capture my eye and I prefer the dresses to avoid sleeves.

Some art galleries and books weren’t as helpful as others which I have stated within my blog work and compared which book I found more helpful, for example one of Burne Hogarth’s anatomy book was helpful however I found the fashion figure drawing book more helpful. I also found The Laura Ford exhibition more inspiring than some of the exhibitions I visited dew to her work intrigued me as I could find a story behind her work and with some exhibitions I visited I couldn’t and this is what mainly intrigues me.

What was the most successful research source and why?

I think the most successful research source is the internet within looking at artist research as I can find multiple artists within one search and I can find information on the artist background history and collect plenty of images I like to be able to write about however artist research books may restrict you with the images you get and what you like and what inspires you.

I found books more helpful with helping me with my research on how to inspire my drawings compared to the internet and using youtube videos as with books I prefer to see the whole development in front of me like they show within the book and they show all the lines in small steps and you can go at it with your on speed and practice each stage without speeding anything up like they usually do in the youtube tutorials.

With art galleries I find different exhibitions more helpful than others but I prefer books and the internet than art galleries because I don’t find art galleries as inspiring me dew to the internet having a wider variety of different style drawings and designs of fashion illustration and different dress to inspire you, within an art gallery I feel quite limited.

Are your initial ideas influenced by any of the artists and designers you have researched? If so how have you been influenced. Where is this evident?

My initial ideas have been influenced by different artists and designers, the first artist I looked into was called Zoe Bradley she inspired me to think about creating a dress out of paper and use origami within my work as she creates paper sculptures of different objects however the magnificent dresses caught my eye created out of paper and decorated with intricate paper flowers and paper jewels. I followed this research with looking at different ways I could portray origami within my work like adding colour to the tips which I wouldn’t have ever thought about without looking at pinterest and getting these ideas.

I hadn’t thought about fashion illustration until I came across a book with artists into fashion illustration which really inspired me and this gave me an idea that for my final design I will create a fashion illustration piece on maybe A3 before I design my actual dress of what I expect the final piece to look like and if i have time maybe afterwards draw what it actually came out as and look what changed in the process and how I have developed the ideas through the drawings, this will also show at the end of the process my drawing may have developed and improved.

Susan Cutts, The Test Shoot Art Gallery and Alexander McQueen really inspired me to think about different style dresses within my work for example tutu style dresses and abstract dresses for example The Test Shoot Art Gallery is quite futuristic and they use quite spiky, weird and wonderful shapes and compositions with their work. Alexander Mcqueen I like his style of drawing and this inspired me dew to the mark making and the weird and wonderful look his work has for when it was for the catwalk and this abstract clothing style is probably something I will go down the path to. Alexander Mcqueen has also used flowers within his work which I hope to use and also the style of the dresses he creates really inspires me I love the exaggerated shapes within the dresses.

Are you working in line with your project proposal or have your ideas changed?If so how have they changed and why?

Within my project proposal I knew I was intrigued by wanting to create a dress and I slightly had my idea on concentrating within recycled material and I wrote about looking into the paper dresses however looking at Zoe Bradley’s work I also had confirmed I was going to create a paper dress dew to the abstract idea and not being completely confident in making a dress I have the option to create a sculpture as a dress or an actual dress to fit to someone which I still haven’t made my mind up on. My ideas have been developing not completely changing due to looking into new artists I have come across wanting to use origami, and maybe developing this to add colour so it is not just a paper dress and it isn’t just created out of paper you have some detail and colour within it.

I also wanted to create a tutu dress at the beginning of the project now I’m drifting towards the idea of creating some kind of mermaid dress, or some kind of long dress including flowers my idea of tutus isn’t as strong as I found I’m fonder of the longer dresses than the short ones.

What media/materials will you be working with in your initial samples?Why have you made these choices?

Within my initial samples of my work I have thought of creating different designs until I come up with my favourite three as more situations and artists inspire me within my work, my designs will be/have been drawn on newspaper and sketchbook paper to use a mixture of different materials as I will be creating my dress out of newspaper. I will then create small initial samples out of paper as I need to see if I can create the designs I want out of paper as it can be easily ripped paper and I need to make sure it won’t rip if the dress includes folding, flowers, thin strips of paper and then after creating these I could either pick one of the samples I have made or decide that I would prefer the dress to have that dresses bottom create a final sample and final design and then hopefully create my final piece on a much larger scale.

What do you hope to achieve by then end of this week? Set yourself 2 targets (SMART)

  • By the end of this week i would preferably like to have the blog posts on my artist research to be finished.
  • I would like to collect more drawings to finish my moodboard and finish off my viewfinder drawing blog post.

At this point have you got any ideas of what you would like to produce for your development samples/final piece. how will you achieve this?

For my sample pieces I will be creating a few small dresses to show my ideas and make sure they will work with the paper. After creating my initial pieces I will either pick one of these samples to create on a larger scale or create another small design of these designs mixed together if i think they will look better and then create my final piece, I still haven’t decided if my final piece will be a dress which you will be able to wear or if I will be creating a sculpture of a dress, I do think making a sculpture will be easier due to it not having to be as strong as if it was created for an actual person.



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