Pin on recycled dresses 

I created this dress out of recycled newspaper, crisp packets, chocolate packets and bagel packets. I created a tutu style dress by using cellotape and pins to pin up and tape the materials together just to experiment with the different materials you can recycle which shapes you can manipulate them into and to experiment with dress design. I like the tutu style of the dress as I folded up newspaper and cellotape this to the mannequin then I added a belt around the top to add detail and to hide the cellotape. I dislike the different colour involved within the dress however this couldn’t be completely helped dew to the packaging I had to created the dress, I also dislike the purple bagel wrap below the breast area of the dress however as I cellotape the bottom part of the dress to the mannequin some of the wrapping ripped which led to me adding some more detail and layers to the dress to hide the rips.

I created another pin up dress out of newspaper and then Jaffa cake wrappers and co-op plastic bags. I created the top half out of shredded up bags just to see what the overlapping look of the torn up bags would look like and then I added sleeves which where difficult to shape. I then added the skirt which is made out of newspaper pined together, I don’t like the skirt as much as I do the top half of my dress as the skirt could have been created better however I didn’t get time to properly attach all the skirt together and make it as effective as the top half of the dress. I like the bright colours with the bust part of the dress I didn’t think I would like the orange and green together however it adds to t abstract/strange look to the dress and I like that. If I did this again I would have used another co op bag and created the skirt out of shredded bag however I ran out of bags creating the top half of the dress.



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