Recycling sculptures-

Michelle Reader

I looked at Michelle Reader as I liked her animal and human sculptures and how she creates these sculptures out of different recycled material with Readers work I realised his work is very colourful brings of a feeling of happiness and contentment and gives off a child like feeling within his sculptures as if he’s trying to show awareness about recycling but through a friendly family manner however Kasey McMahon below uses a mixture of recycled material to give across quite strange, daunting sculptures I think the difference between both these pieces is that McMahon looks at the damage recycled material does how it is destroying the earth looks at the negative side of it and Reader tries and brings the positive out of it for example tries to influence us instead of giving us a warning about what it will do to our environment and our bodies.

The similarities between the two artists is that they both concentrate around recycled materials and trying to re-use these materials to bring across the importance of recycling, re-using and reducing.

Kasey McMahon



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