Seasons trends

The interview I had with Sophie Hay gave me a link to this website which helps by showing the different seasons trends and what is in trend now which I’ve been looking at to accomplish the idea of creating a dress which has the purpose of a catwalk look which means it would probably be quite abstract like quite a lot of the clothing on catwalks and be an individual design however instead of creating a line of clothing I’m creating one dress which I’d hope to take the place of the final piece of clothing shown on the catwalk.

Valentino’s catwalk in Spring 2016, is one of the catwalks on this website that really inspired me, there catwalk was based on operas and they had 56 different clothing pieces to go with 56 different operas.

These dresses are a few of my favorites from this catwalk, I found that I liked the design of the dress especially the tutu kind of dresses and the translucent dresses especially the one with the musical notes on I like how this is on a translucent material and it looks like a translucent music sheet. I found the patterns on the dresses ver inspiring as well, the patterns are very detailed and remind me of historical tapestries, the colouring within the dress also reminds me of the tapestries as they are quite dark, subtle and classical colours.

I looked at Channels couture fall line 2016 and this catwalk inspired me as with channels design they design the catwalk to truly fit with the designs that have been made, there designs also inspire me dew to the colours, designs and detail within some of the dresses. I liked the cape that channel put with some of the designs and how the models all wore the same design of shoe just in different colours to go with the clothing they were wearing.





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