Weee man


The link to the website-


My first impression of the weee man is that it is a huge sculpture created out of recycled material. What captures my attention with this sculpture is the scale of it, the scale of it isn’t shown in the images however in person it towers over you and it captures you attention because it shows us how much waste we use.

The story behind this sculpture is to show us how much waste we use and how it can be re-used and to kind of enlighten us that we could easily cut down on the amount of rubbish we are using but we decide not too.

This sculpture is more structural than anything dew to it all being created out of recycled material. The texture of this sculpture will be a mixture of smooth, soft, rough, bumpy all depending on the material you are talking about within the sculpture.

I think this sculpture is quite fascinating as it is very much like Chris Jordans work with the amount of wastage being shown it makes you re think a facts and statistics may say something however seeing is believing in some peoples eyes and being able to see the amount of wastage us humans are using which we could be recycling really does put things into perspective which the weee man sculpture and the artist chris Jordan are trying to do.



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