Chris Jordan

I looked into Chris Jordan as he does art work with recycling and other things that are destroying our world for example mushroom clouds and how many people committed suicide in India when the government ruined there businesses because of technology.

His work brings everything into perspective dew to the fact that he doesn’t just express this in words he expresses this by showing it in it’s full volume and making them into art works and zooming in on the images showing that it is made of plastic bottles or paper bags and how massive the scale actually is.



Cans Suerat 2007-“Depicts 106,000 aluminum cans, the number used in the US every thirty.” 


Venus 2015-“Depicts 240,000 plastic bags, equal to the estimated number of plastic bags consumed around the world every ten seconds.”

Return of the dinosaur 2011-“Depicts 240,000 plastic bags, equal to the estimated number of plastic bags consumed around the world every ten seconds.”

Gyre 2009-“Depicts 2.4 million pieces of plastic, equal to the estimated number of pounds of plastic pollution that enter the world’s oceans every hour. All of the plastic in this image was collected from the Pacific Ocean.”

My first impression of Chris Jordans work is that he uses rubbish to create fascinating pieces of art work to show across a point that people don’t listen to word but when they are shown something visual they realise what they are seeing and they seem to listen more when they have something as proof in front of there faces. What captures my attention with his work is that one minute you have an amazing piece of art work may be he made or he has copied from a famous artist, and then when you go onto his website you can click on the art work and zoom in and you realise what it is made up off it is made up off tiny piece of rubbish or objects that are destroying the world and it definitely makes you gasp.

This work brings to mind everything that is wrong with the world and what humanity and has turned this world into and what we have left our future generations with. This work makes me feel quite sad when you look at it and realise how bad the world has gotten as statistics are nothing really until you actually see it with your own eyes and the way Chris Jordan has done this by using a image and zooming in is such a successful way to bring across the effect of pollution and wastage and how it effects us all.

In the work Jordan uses a mixture of landscapes, still life, portraits etc in his work and some of these pieces aren’t originally his pieces as he uses famous art pieces by famous artists and creates these himself out of objects that are destroying the world, he probabky does this to bring across the point of destroying the world more as people are going to be interested at artists redoing other famous artists paintings and drawings. The work is abstract, modern and contemporary.

The story behind these pieces of art work is to show the destruction of the earth and what we are doing to it if we carry on and this is the story Jordan is trying to show from my point of view. What I see that makes me say that is that he uses a mixture of cans, lighters, atomic bombs and plastic bags in his pieces and creates pieces out of this and underneath the pieces are the facts which inspired him to create this which I have demonstrated.

The work evokes the feeling of destruction dew to the fact that Jordan uses miniature pieces of waste to create art work pieces and then in his work he zooms into his work and shows you how many pieces of rubbish is layered up over one another to be equal to the fact he is trying to bring across. He uses a mixture of colours within his work all depending on what art piece he is copying in his work or what kind of art work he is creating with the waste. He uses a mixture of dark, bright, light, warm, cold colours. The texture of his work is probably quite smooth however if he actually layered up all these pieces of rubbish and created a piece like this it would have quite a rough bumpy texture.

I love Chris Jordans work and I think his work brings across a very strong message about pollution and how it effects us and the amount of waste we actually go through in years, months, weeks and days. I think his work does possess a high technical skill because of the amount of time that probably goes into it and being able to turn waste into something beautiful which is why this artist has inspired me a lot within my project as he turns waste into something beautiful and that is the message I was trying to bring across. I think his work is very effective as it really hits you how much waste we use especially showing you it in this kind of style, instead of just using the fact he uses the fact and creates a beautiful piece of art out of it and that makes you gasp at the shock of it as at first you wouldn’t believe it but the way Jordan looks at it you start to believe it when you see it in front of you zoomed in.

My work in his style-

In my work I took studio photos of different materials Chris Jordan would probably use. I looked into a few facts one which caught my eye was that ‘1000 cans are thrown away every second’ I tried to show this within a piece of art work.

I decided to use my can image for my piece of art in Chris Jordans style as I liked the colour of it my original plan was to create one with a cup and a mars bar wrapper however I couldn’t find any facts that interested me and the can image took so long I didn’t want to create another one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I created a purple pattern out of multiple layers of cans, I put 1000 cans on that pattern to show the same kind of effect that Chris Jordan shows, I had to get rid of the background on the can layer and then miniature this and then copy and paste it and move it around, this took me all day to start and finnish and would have taken me longer if I had decided to actually create a image from it but instead as I didn’t have much time left on the project I decided to create a simple pattern. When I got to a specific number that I didn’t thinkt he computer could hold anymore with the amount of layers I was using I merged the layers together which left me with one layer and the background image left on the right side of photoshop when I had finished.

I like the pattern with my art piece I like the end result, I wish I’d had time to try and create a image with all these cans and if I ever got to try doing this again I would try and do that.




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