Digitial photography


Final photos after lightroom-


CSC_0521DSC_0520DSC_0522DSC_0527DSC_0528DSC_0529DSC_0533DSC_0534DSC_0535DSC_0538DSC_0540DSC_0545DSC_0546DSC_0549DSC_0552DSC_0554I created these photos to look into recycling in a different light look at how much rubbish is left on ground look at how it ruins our landscapes especially in the country and most of these materials can be easily recycled instead of littered and this also shows how it pollutes our lands not recycling and it is so easy to change this.

In lightroom I did minimal changed to the photos just changing the clarity, exposure and contrast within the images.

If I had to do more digital photography I would go to a skip and take photos of recycling materials being recycled and show how easy it is to recycle your materials in the house. What I like about these photos is that I have only put one piece of rubbish in the image so you can concentrate on the subject of the photo. Some may argue that only having one piece of rubbish in a photo shows there is little rubbish around however if this was presented you’d present it in a group of different photos and border it so each photo shows a different kind of material or different object that could be recycled and re-used.



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